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Smokemaster C-12 - From Our Line of Electronic Air Cleaners
Applications: Smoke Eaters | witnesses witnesses ,少年四大名捕粤语版 少年四大名捕粤语版 Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaners
Smokemaster C-12 commercial electrostatic air cleaner

The Smokemaster C-12 is an ideal electronic air cleaner for mounting to solid ceilings for capture of both particulate and gaseous contaminants, particularly from cigarette smoke. This is one of the best air cleaners for the removal of odors and tobacco smoke, as well as pollen, dust, vapors and many other irritants. The Smokemaster C-12 electronic air cleaner uses high efficiency electrostatic cells which eliminates the need to purchase additional air filters. Designed with the user in mind, the 3 speed fan quietly and efficiently cleans an area using the Coanda airflow pattern. Order your Smokemaster C-12 today.

And our equipment is built with high grade components like steel cabinets instead of plastic cabinets and industrial cells instead of residential cells. These are the same components from our industrial product line used for welding smoke and CNC machining. Here’s a parts list for our Smokemaster C-12witnesses witnesses ,少年四大名捕粤语版 少年四大名捕粤语版 .

Be sure to check out all the benefits and specs of the Smokemaster C-12 electronic air cleaner here.